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dream - bugs and birds

I wish I remembered more of this. I was supposed to be somewhere, on a trip or something. But the place where I was looked just like Larry's house. I think there may have been a couple extra rooms though. Mike was there with me but he didn't have a starring role in this dream. I think through most of it he was talking to my mother about previous relationships. But in the dream I was focused on other things and so I only caught some of their conversations. I believe I felt ignored and wanted him to look at what I was trying to show him. And so I was doing my own thing and trying not to be bothered. Along with Mike, and Mary, also in the dream were Tom (maybe), Barb, my grandma, and maybe Harry.

In one part I was trying to fold some blankets and I had this big comforter in my hand and as I was folding I think a tiny tiny duckling came out of it. Or it came out of the vent, which was like the one in Steve's office room in the house. But the room was different. So I went over to the opening and was looking inside. There were tiny little baby ducks and one larger duck. All near the opening, and some ducklings seemed to be hanging out near and in and just outside the vent opening. And the tiny baby ones were covered in fluffy downy feathers but they were about half the size (if that) of a newly hatched baby chicken. I took one out to the other room to show but no one seemed too interested. But I thought they were cute!

In a later part I was in a different room doing something and this large, fat, brown spider ran across the floor and it was shadowed so I couldn't get a good look but its legs looked really solid and thick. So I went to get a glass and something for the top so I could catch it and get it outside. But my grandma and I weren't agreeing on what I should use. I wanted the largest glass I could get and for it to be clear so I could see what I was doing and see it once it was inside. She was trying to give me this plastic bowl. I ended up with a good sized glass but not as large as I wanted. When I went to catch it, it didn't want to be caught and kept running all over and seemed to be able to get under the rim of the glass even when I had it right up against the carpet. It kept trying to get out and I kept looking for something more suitable for the top of the glass than whatever I had. It was too flimsy. But I couldn't find anything and I was frustrated. And then it wasn't spidery any more, it was green, and then it had parts that didn't seem buggy at all and then I don't know what it looked like. Almost like it had some human-ish parts, and it was injured from me trying to catch it and there was blood. And I remember seeing a couple round parts, kind of greenish and what looked like a tiny tiny bloody human skeleton. And in the end I think I accidentally dropped the glass and then it was dead. But parts were still moving. Then I had a tiny dead hummingbird in my hand. It was kind of round and plump looking, and about the size of a nickel. It was a bright jewel green color and had accents of a different color but I can't remember what.

That's where the dream ended.

I think the bug part was triggered by something at home last night. I caught and put outside a large green bug that didn't want to get in the glass and kept getting it's legs to poke out from under the paper I had on top. I had to be very careful not to hurt it.
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