~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

birds, injuries

The tufted titmouse didn't make it. I found out yesterday when I got home.
It made me sad. Perhaps his injuries were more serious than they looked. The
baby blue jay was still doing well, eating and pooping and eating some more.
He's starting to fluff out his wings, and pick off little bits of stuff that
they seem to be covered with. Almost encased. He sat in my hand and
fluttered a bit, fluffing out his wings and stretching, then he'd pick off
some more stuff, fluff some more, pick some more. When I fed him, he ate
eagerly and when he was done he sat there and made this tiny, cute little
cheepy sound, beak closed. Perhaps he was content.

Today I have another thing to add to the list of stupid things I have done
to hurt myself. I cut my thumb on the fridge. In it, actually, as I was
putting my grapes away. I don't know how I manage.

I'm tired. I was fully asleep when the alarm went off and it was a little

They should make it so you can see all of a tag's entries and not just the
most recent hundred. What's the point of having things tagged if you can't
use it to keep track of all of them??
Tags: critter tales, stupid injuries

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