~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

lush, chocolate, hamburger mary's

Yesterday we grabbed coffee and sandwiches from Starbucks. We went to the Armitage Lush store so I could grab a gift certificate for Steve's mom. I also grabbed a couple biofresh masks in the hope that it will make my skin behave. Stupid skin. We went to Ethel's too and I got chocolate to bring home to people. Yay chocolate!

We had dinner at Hamburger Mary's again. With Beth this time. Good stuff.

Haven't had coffee yet today. I'm more than ready for it. My brain is going to start to hurt!

Food will also come soon. We're doing taste of chicago. Hopefully the fireworks will still be on for tonight. It looks gray but not like it's raining.
Tags: chicago

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