~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

no phone, hydration, sleepy

I left my phone on the bathroom counter this morning. So no texts for me. Ah
well. I suppose I'll make it. I'm warm this morning. And thirsty. I've been
feeling all dehydrated since I got up today. Sticky mouth, dry lips, dry
fingers. Didn't feel like I had been slacking that much but I guess I have
been. Almost through a bottle of water and I'm starting to feel a little
more normal. The dry lips bother me the most I think.

I got up twice in the night to pee and usually i don't do that but I figured
holding it and sleepign anyway the way I usually do probably isn't really
good for me. But I think getting up kinda messed up my sleep a little so I
guess it's less than great either way.

So I'm a little sleepy this morning.
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