~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

today (soap making and yelled at by g-ma)

so today I made a lot of soap... I did some honey almond, chocolate mint, vanilla, and lemon cookie...

I also got grumbled at by the grandma...
for buying miracle whip.

the woman yelled at me for buying miracle whip.

so often she doesnt buy things for me that either I want to eat or that I *should* eat... so I decided to start buying some things for myself. except if theyre not grandma approved type things I need to hide them. its one thing to hide something you dont want someone eating. I would be fine with her eating my groceries. but no. I have to hide them so I dont get yelled at for buying them. usually we only have the regular miracle whip and since I've been making tuna lately I decided (while I was at the store) to buy some of the light variety. so today she saw it and asked me about it and then scolded me since she had just bought some (after I already bought mine, and without any possibility that I could have known, short of me calling her from the store to check if it was ok) and then went off on how I was spending all kinds of money on food and didnt give her any money for the house. blah blah. (not that thats not reasonable... the money for her part. not the groceries part...) and went on about how I was making all kinds of money (really not sure where this idea has come in. sure I'm a little more ahead lately than I am sometimes... but i figure it will all even out in the end since there are up times and down times for working) and I told her. if she wants me to give her money then fine, I have no problem with that. and asked how much she'd like. and she sounded kind of irritable and said she didnt have a set amount and that when I had extra money I could give her some...
I don't just have what I would call "extra money" if she wants some it'll have to be budgeted out. but she seemed mad. and I said something about how I was planning to buy some fat free miracle whip too and mix them together and she smapped at me. "I'm trying to read my book! I dont give a shit about the miracle whip!"
so yeah. that was that. meanie.

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