~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dream, Mr. Mosca, naps

Yesterday I had another odd dream. I was going out for the night in old town
with Steve and Matt. We arrived in matt's car and parked and were making our
way to one of the bars. I went back to the car for my phone and I was
sitting in the drivers seat going for my bag which was in the back. Then all
of a sudden Mike was there in the passenger seat and he told me that he had
taken my keys to a bakery and accidentally melted them. He had brought them
to me along with what was supposed to be replacement keys to make up for it
only they were melty too. Specifically Steve's keys were kind of
warbly-mishaped. He was very apologetic and looked like he felt quite
guilty. Then the car was moving, rolling? and I was still trying to rummage
around for my phone. Mike, in the dream, told me of a dream of his in which
he "sucked my teeth out of the wallpaper" and he said he thought 'man, that
girl has some messed up teeth!' (I guess I probably did after he sucked them
out of the wallpaper, whatever that means)

I have cracked out dreams when I nap.

Today I found out that my 10th grade math teacher died. It's sad. I liked
him. Did anyone else who reads me have Mr. Mosca for math?

Perhaps today's nap will be more successful. Matt has managed to wake me up
two days in a row. This does not give me much hope. Yesterday was
particularly good. He woke me up, managing to freak me out in the process,
to let me know that he might be waking me up and to let me know he was there
so he would not scare me if I were to hear noises I didn't expect. The funny
thing is, had he just left me alone, I wouldn't have known he was there at
all and could have continued my nap blissfully unaware. Today I should leave
him a note: "I am sleeping. Please do not scare me."
Tags: ceitsi, dream

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