~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


Not sure if it will work to enter in the location the way it works with
other things but I guess I'll see when I get to check later. I'm just happy
to be able to post this way at all. I don't have access to anything
otherwise. So post by email is a fabulous feature.

This morning I had macaroni & cheese for breakfast. I like cheese. I was
running late. I didn't get up until the alarm went off. I need to reset it
for maybe 10-12 minutes earlier. The way it is now it messes up my morning
schedule. Usually it doesnt matter because usually I wake up at 5:30. Last
night Steve was doing some super-mega-loud snoring that kept me from falling
asleep right away. Either he finally quit or I finally fell asleep anyway.
Good thing, I was thinking I might have to smother him.

I want a nap.

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