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friday night - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
friday night
I actually meant to post more than just links yesterday but then by the time I got to that point in the day I didn't feel like it any more. I was tired and my head wanted to hurt. Then I had some food and felt sort of nauseated. So I went to bed instead!

Going to have breakfast here in a minute so I suppose I might have to write later.

Matt, Rick, Steve and I went out drinking Friday night and I did not stop when I should have. So I was just a little more tipsy than I intended. Ah well. I did find out that they make real long island ice teas at the Pub. And then later when we went back to Retro, I found out what goes into those Superman shots. That pleases me. I want to make myself some and just drink it by the glass. For many reasons that would probably be a bad idea. But it's so tasty!

ok it's food time. More later!

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