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hair, baby, mikale b-day

Yesterday Steve and I went for haircuts. Mine is shorter than I usually have. For me it *feels* short though I know most people wouldn't really notice much of a difference unless they were told to. And it would still be considered long. It's cute though. I like it. It's up to my bra strap line and has long long layers. I'd say the layers start about 2 - 3 inches (if that) above the bottom. And you can't really see them well. They're blended quite nicely. But I think it will be good for when I actually want to do something with it. The front is slightly angled so it curves around my face. I need to practice putting it up with my stabby hair thing. I'm not used to this length so I havent been able to get it all up and the ends not doing anything weird at the same time.

After haircuts we had breakfast with Steve's parents. They've been in town this week for the birth of their first grandchild. Will and Terri are recovering nicely. She got through it more easily than he did I think. Logan was born on Wednesday, which is also Mikale's birthday. So they share that and their middle name.

Mikale is 5 now. He's so old! :( His birthday party is today. I need to call Mary in a bit and find out what time. He's having kids from his preschool come.

I have pictures that I need to go through from the last couple weeks. I've hardly been home.

I suppose now it would be good to get moving and ready for the day.

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