~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

grumble grumble

ok first the grumbling... then other stuff.

so I was driving home and I passed a parking lot with a cop lurking in it. and I though hmm cop. then said cop pulls out of the parking lot (I still wonder what imspired him to do this in the first place... ) and followed behind me... so I, of course, begin pleading with my car to not suck. and to please stop doing those weird flickering light things that I *know* one can see from behind the car... of course my car doesnt listen... and soon, right before I was to be driving past Hello Sushi, the lights go on. I try my hardest to not curse the car... since, after all, it still has to get me through the ghetto and home again... cop comes up and informs me that he pulled me over because I have a taillight out and expired tags. and then I couldnt find my current proof of insurance. so I ended up with a ticket for the expired tags and for the insurance... though the insurance one can be waived I guess when I show that I really do have it...


so then I cam home and turned on the computer to check my email and I had one from Steve... odd since I just left there.
turns out I left my whole little case of personal care items there. he has my face scrub, my moisturizer, my toner, my toothbrush, my make up bag... and whatever else I had stuffed in there.

big grr and grumble to all of that. cause now it means I need to be driving way over there again tomorrow unless I can convince steve that he wants to come here and bring it to me. looks like I'm going to have to rummage for stuff to use tomorrow then. good thing I'm a packrat I guess...

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