~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

cops on the way to work messin up my flow

I wonder what was up with all the cops out this morning. There was a
several-block stretch that there were 5 cars (that I saw anyway), two that
were away form the road, in two different parking lots, lights on. The other
three were facing the road in three different business driveways. I'm glad I
wasn't running late today or would have been grumpy. As it was I was trying
to pay more attention and I'm sure they caused me to drop the last two bites
of my breakfast (which I, of course, ate anyway), which I had to pick hair
off of in order to eat. Hair! Dammit. It was another tasty toasted chicken
sandwich. mmm. I must be building a fabulous baby house this month. Won't be
using it though so all that work is for nothing!

Also odd is that of the three cars that I noticed, one was township, one
sherriff, and one Buena Vista. Don't know what the others were. Perhaps I
was busy picking the hair off my sandwich. >:(

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