~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

morning stuff, dreams

I am feeling a little sleepy today. Any snoring I was spared the night
before last was more than made up for last night. I swear he didn't. quit.
all. night. So I kept waking up and kept waking up and couldn't fall
immediately back to sleep because it's a little difficult to tune it out.
Sucked a little.

Today's eye shadow is Tarte - Electric Slide (the twinkliest shadow I think
I've ever seen) and Urban Decay - Purple Haze. I don't know if this is a
habit I will keep up but two days in a row is pretty good for me.

Today I had a sandwich for breakfast. I didn't really have time for that but
the yogurt i was going to eat had a seal that felt not quite sealed enough
so I decided to skip it. Instead I toasted a couple slices of garlic
parmesan bread, spread on a little veggie cream cheese and added some of my
tasty sliced garlic herb rotisserie chicken (been quite hormonally
carnivorous this week). Grabbed a paper towel to hold it and ate it on my
way to work.

I wish I could remember my dreams from the past couple nights. I know Monday
night included a part with a cat that looked like BabyKitty and a butterfly
that seemed to be her friend. There was quite a bit of affection between
them. Last night I know I dreamed about MadDog. :( I think in the dream he
came home. I know there was so much more than I'm not remembering. I have
impressions of half-memories. Dreams that were somewhat strange and off.

This morning there was a little spider dangling from the ceiling upstairs. I
almost walked into it as I was going to get the print-outs for the ballot
box. I hate that. Glad I saw it before I actually made contact though.

My neck is itchy. Grr.

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