~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

poor steve, make up

So last night I apparently drove Steve out of bed and didn't even know it.
He told me this morning that he figured he was snoring cause every time he
started to drift off he'd feel a nudge. I don't remember him coming to bed
at all. First thing i remember after going to bed was waking up at 1 and
noticing him not there. Woke up a few more times and thought it was strange
that he wasn't there. So I feel kinda bad about that. I don't even remember.
Usually, if he's snoring and I'm kicking him, I'm fully aware of it.

This morning I actually dug through my box of overflow make up and put some
on. I tend to forget, or just not feel ambitious enough to bother. But I've
bought far too much, usually because it's pretty, and need to use some of it
so it's not a total waste. it's bad enough that I *have* an overflow box-
and a good sized one at that. I have my normal every day stuff that i keep
in a little bag with the rest of my daily toiletries and then I had all
sorts of things on shelves, in drawers and stuck here and there at home in
my bathroom. So I bought a plastic storage bin and went through the whole
bathroom sorting it out. The bin is nearly full. I should take a picture. I
know it's probably nothing compared to some people but it feels like a lot
to me. Even more since I haven't even used some of it. I have mostly glosses
and eye shadows. I like Urban Decay, as much for the names as the colors. I
like pretty pastels, shimmery things, sparkly things. Today I'm wearing some
Nars duo that had a dusty lavendery blue on one side and an iridescent pinky
color on the other.

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