~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

want candy, want food

Today I think I will go to the grocery store and buy up some easter candy.
It's my favorite candy holiday. Everything comes out all pretty and pastel.
I have a list of things I will look for. I don't really need easter candy...
but dammit I wait all year for it!

This morning I gt myself moving rather early. Woke up, ate a peanut butter
granola bar, got myself ready, drank my coffee (which was kind of icky), ate
a cup of yogurt (which, since it was yogurt, was also kind of icky) and
actually got out the door at 6:40. That's what I shoot for each day and
rarely manage.

I'm hungry. We bought some sliced herb garlic rotisserie chicken on Saturday
and I swear I stood next to the counter and ate about half a pound of it
when we got home. Mmm. Hormones make me carnivorous. Sort of. There is still
a little left. I think I might make a sandwich for lunch. Maybe I'll pick up
some more of it. Lunch is a long long time from now. So sad.
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