~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

quote, today, sleepy

"Beware the goat."

Another amusing alcohol related quote. This one was in a piece about beer.

Today should be fairly busy here. It usually is.

I think I'll be picking Mikale up from school again. Today I should read him
some stories. I was going to the other day and then had to leave before I
got the chance. So today I should dig some books out of my room that he
hasn't heard yet. If there is anything. They've been going through my
collection for quite a while so there might not be anything new. We'll see.

I went to bed early last night and still didn't feel like I got enough
sleep. Perhaps tonight will make me feel more caught up.

It's very warm this morning. Wet though. But warm is nice. Yesterday was
fabulous. There are spiders in the windows today. It's nice to see them
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