~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

work @ transitions and shopping

worked today and I'll be back to the same place tomorrow and wednesday too... good to know where I'm going so I can be ready... and its at the transitions center for the post secondary side again. yay to that. involves me visiting a lot of classrooms. and... thats pretty much it. so yay to that. and if I work at all the other two days it might almost make up for last week...

I actually maaged to get there a couple minutes early today too. rather than just at 8. one of these times I'll manage to time it all better and not feel rushed... I spent around 5 minutes in each classroom... sometimes more like 10 in a few... so as soon as I was in a class I was out again... especially after they gave me the updated class lists and asked me to verify them with the assistant teachers... tomorrow and the next day will be a little different... i think I'll end up in only 2 or 3 classes each class period... still. not too terrible... its just so interesting that they run it the way they do... with the assistants doing the classroom teaching and the teachers running things from elsewhere, making the lesson plans and making rounds for any special needs and to make sure things are going smoothly... which makes it hard to really make a plan for a sub since there isn't too much to be subbing for...

after school I went to Old navy and probably pretty much spent the money I made today... but I got more pants so I should be able to avoid running around naked for a while longer... yay to that with it being so damn cold lately...

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