~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

what I did today

I'm tired. My brain is tired. I think my grandma might watch TV forever. Stupid Olympics.

I finished reading Marley & Me. Definitely worth reading. Made me happy. And sad.

I walked three rounds today. It was nicer than it has been but it's still hard to keep going sometimes just because I get bored. Maybe I need to change my music list. Might help. Something different to listen to.

Today I was starving before I was even done working so afterward when I went to Steve's to pick up my bag I made myself more of the pasta stuff for lunch. I used more dishes than the last time. But I left the mess. I don't feel too badly about it. I left the leftovers too. A worthy peace offering I think. Who am i to say though? I'm not the one with the sink full of dishes. :)

to be continued...

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