~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

halloween weekend and pictures

Halloween Steve and I went over Robin's to finish up the Halloween costumes. I think they turned out well... his better than mine though because we ended up putting lots more itme into it... We went over Aubrey's to get ready and then two Angie's came over (only one of which I knew) and we all went out but separated for a while... Steve and I ended up in Old Town where I got ahold of Matt and he came down to hang out... Aubrey and Angie showed up later and it was all just fun and I got quite drunk.
took some pictures throughout the night, though I wish I had taken more... some of them didn't turn out well either... so there isnt a picture of Steve and I together...

I had to call my grandma to get matt's number and she said "you want to talk to *Matt*???" and "Won't Steve mind??"
shes amusing sometimes...

Saturday I pretty much spent feeling nauseated any time I moved so I tried to keep it to a minimum, only being somewhat successful and not completely manageing to avoid throwing up.
but Steve was nice and sweet and brought me ginger ale and baby goldfish crackers and cute clearance halloween stuff from Meijer before he left to go to the reception... I can't say that I'm terribly sad about missing it. and I think it was the last one. so big yay to that. I spent the afternoon/evening sleeping, watched Reservoir Dogs, read things online, and talked to a few people...
altogether not a bad way to spend an evening. except for the nausea part... ah well. thats what I get.

Sunday we slept in, went grocery shopping, rented a movie and I started making a couple fleece blankets... theyre mostly finished... I just need to make the edges a little prettier looking...

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