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  • Taylor's Sword - Story of the month

  • oblivious woman shot in chest

    From the Toronto Star

    Woman didn't realize she'd been shot
    X-ray reveals small-calibre bullet in chest
    Feb. 13, 2006. 08:29 AM

    A 22-year-old woman shot in the chest while dancing at an Oshawa nightclub didn't realize she had been wounded with a gun until the next day, police said.

    The woman was on the dance floor at Motion nightclub at about 2:30 a.m. on Friday when she felt a sharp pain in her chest, police said. She went to a friend's home nearby, inspected the wound and thought it had been caused by a piece of broken glass.

    When she found the wound still bleeding the next morning the woman, whose name hasn't been released, decided to go to the hospital. An X-ray revealed a small-calibre bullet was lodged in her chest.

    "It would appear she was an innocent bystander," said Durham Regional Police Staff Sgt. Dave Morrissey, who added that the victim was still in hospital yesterday.

  • My favorite kitten of the day from stuffonmycat.com - awww!
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