~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

bpal, sunday, blah

Just sneezed and spit all over my keyboard. It's gooey now. Ew.

I had a new Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order come today. Yay! I ordered a set of 6 imps, all from the voodoo section and they sent one free. I haven't looked up the description for it yet. I still have some from the last order to get through. Usually lately I've been wearing Gluttony and haven't felt much like washing it off to try something out.

Yesterday I watched Pulp Fiction. It had been a while. It always amuses me.

I need to talk myself into doing something. Finish my book, go for a walk, write up a bpal review... something. At the moment I feel bored and boring.
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