~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Copy Ed... you know the rest.... need to find new nickname

My ass hurts. I think I may have actually bruised it. This is a sign that last night went well.

No, not like that.

So I had my date that mostly no one would have known about. Perhaps I didn't eve write about it here. Some words go to Lindsey only and I am ok with that. And some words go only to me. So.

We met, we talked. There were so many words. I cannot say how pleased I am with it all. I was sitting on the floor for lots of it and must have spent a good amount of time right in this one position, which is why my butt is sore.

I don't remember my dreams but I have this vague feeling of him hovering in my brain all night. I'm not sure if I have woken up more or less tired for this.

There was so much, I'm not sure I could spit it back out for myself even if I wanted to and I'm not sure I do. Part of me knows that I would if I could though. Later I appreciate it.
Tags: ceitsi

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