~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

sugar and an armadillo

I have tasty Holiday Nerds. I can only handle so many of them though. I'm
already a little over loaded on sugar cause of the cookies last night.
They're awesome though. I used extra butter and so they're very buttery. The
spatula last night was glossy with it. Kind of gross when you think about it but so
tasty I don't care. They're turtle (made with Ghirardelli milk chocolate
chips, chopped salted pecans, and bits of chopped caramels).

I have quite a lot of them. No idea what to do with them now. I'll take some
home for my grandma, probably bring some more to work to give to Sarah, will
leave a few for Steve and will probably eat some myself. But I don't think
I'm even going to want that many. I think I enjoy making the things more
than I enjoy consuming them.

I have a little armadillo on my desk. He's cute. I should have taken
pictures of him before I brought him in.

Speaking of pictures, I took some of my duct tape bag and I'll get them off
my camera when I get home today.

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