~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Elegba [bpal]

Initially, coconut rum and some sort of sweet syrup. Then went almost instantly... perfume-y I dont know how to describe that. It's almost a flower ish scent. Maybe somehting like coconut and some sort of white flower or planty smell. something kind of fresh and clean.

It reminds me of somehting but I'm not sure what. It has the same coconut that Lush stuff does (like coolaulin but this is a definitely sweeter something in addition to the coconut than coolaulin has). This seems like osmething that woudl be nice to use when I was on a coconut streak in the shower- trichomania, coolaulion, I shoudl coco and then this when I come out. Would be nice I think.

So far, I think this goes in the keep pile.

BPAL says: The Spirit of the Divine Messenger, the Lord of the Crossroads, He Who Owns All Doors and Roads in this World. He is the intermediary between the Orishas and mankind, and stands at the intersection of humanity and the Divine. He opens all paths of communication, both mundane and Heavenly. His ofrenda contains coconut, tobacco and sweet, sugared rum.
Tags: bpal

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