~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

field museum, good food

Yesterday Steve and I went to the Field Museum. We checked out the Pompeii exhibit and the dinosaur exhibit. That was about as much stimulation as my brain could handle in one go. Very interesting stuff and I'm glad we got to check it out. We have a DVD about Pompeii to watch when we get home. I think my grandma will appreciate it.

It was interesting to see the things the people grabbed before they tried to get to safety. Lots of jewelry, some money (most of it fused together from the heat), sometimes some cookware, some lamps. They also had casts of some of the bodies, even a dog! It was hard to get to some of the stuff and hard to see. There were so many people crammed in there so a lot of the time was just spent waiting for people to move forward.

Last night Tomas and Rita came and met up with everyone and we went to the Flat Top Grill. Very tasty stuff.
Tags: chicago

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