~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Unhappily Ever After [link]

I want this to be on DVD. I found a link where you can vote for it to be released. Please go vote. Do it for me!

I found this description of the show here.

Jack Malloy is the stressed-out and hallucinating father who works at a used car lot where his boss is his father in-law.

Jennifer "Jennie" Malloy is the mother. She has little time for any of her kids or for her husband.

Maureen Slattery is Jennie's mother (Jack's mother in-law).

Ryan Malloy is the oldest son who is not too bright. Ryan is disliked by both parents; primarily, because he was conceived on their first date becoming the reason why they are all together in this mess and secondly, because he's stupid.

Tiffany Malloy is the beautiful, smart daughter. She is envied by her mother and worshipped by her father who relishes her intelligence and her virginity.

Ross Malloy is the youngest, forgotten child. He is of average intelligence but progressively develops a warped personality from the lack of any parental love.

Mr. Floppy is a stuffed rabbit that Ross gave to Jack. After the stresses of separating from Jennie and having to leave his house, Jack begins to imagine Mr. Floppy is talking to him. Despite being a creation of Jack's own mind, Mr. Floppy shows Jack no more respect than anybody else does; but to Jack, Mr. Floppy becomes his best friend and faithful companion.

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