~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

friday I worked - Millet center, AI, went well. the day just felt long... and somewhere in there, while I was reading stories actually, my head started to hurt... I got home, took some time online, got ready to go to steve's, left, late but it didn't matter too much as we didn't have a schedule... head still hurt... so I went to steves and he gave me decongestant and tylenol and rubbed my head... didn't work... so we went to get food. chinese makes me happy. but my head still hurt... we rented movies, and went to bed instead... 10:00. I didn't even care... I had taken another tylenol when we got there and my head was finally mostly better and I was tired...

around 1:30 there is a pounding on the bedroom door, Randy the neighbor. who wants us to get up and come over and drink beer. no. no beer. even if either of us liked it. you dont interrupt good sleep for *beer*! so yeah we went back to sleep... then Ryan being Ryan and loud woke me up 4 or 5 more times after that... but we didn't get up til 9:30 the next day so it was alright... got ready for the day, went to breakfast with Randy and his family since we all happened to arrive at the same time... though we ended up at a different restaurant than we started at cause it was busy nad full and there were 11 of us in all... so after food Steve and I went to the grocery store to get that out of the way...

we went home and watched Minority Report... interesting. I seem to like everything though...

we had to hurry after that and get ready and leave for the reception... my head started to hurt again so I took a couple excedrin and ate a Krave bar... the job was in Chesaning, went fairly well... though there was this mean old guy (the bride's grandpa) who complained about the music (which he described as the worst fucking music he had ever heard and said that there were 150 people there wanting to dance and all we played was that terrible fucking music that no one would dance to (though people *did* dance)) but didn't offer any suggestions of things he wanted to hear even when he was directly asked. so I figured oh well. old meanie. but other than that everyone seemed happy and had a good time... I got home and wrote to Sam, then went to sleep I got up around 10:30 and took a shower while steve went and got us food then talked to mary... she said she'd call me back in an hour cause she had just gotten up. and we were still deciding if we were going to go or not... the weather reports didn't look encouraging..
so steve and I hung out and waited for Ryan's girlfriend's brother to come to do stuff to the computer. Mary called while he was there and we ended up deciding not to go... so we might go shopping sometime this week...
I need shoes. or I'm going to soon be terribly cold going to work. and thats never good.
so we watched our other movie, Stealing Harvard.. then talked to Ryan a little when he came home,and continued to be lazy for a while. went out to find food and went to another movie... Underground. I liked it... I like how it looked, I liked the music... I came home when we got back... stayed online for a while... then went to sleep. good thing too, the dog would *not* leave me alone... I think she missed me.

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