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skipped work and a to-do list

since I felt quite guilty skipping work today (stayed up too late and then just didnt feel up to facing those middle schoolers when the call came in at 5am), I made myself a pretty decent to-do list... so far though all I've really managed to accomplish on it is going to the credit union... needed to be done though. theres still plenty of time ti get through the rest though I suppose...
"the rest" includes:

*buy some cheap candy
*call Angela again
*get ahold of someone on that shaver site about sending the damn thing back
*find some tape to get my fredericks package retaped shut and send that back
*go to Kmart and exchange that vc andrews book
*spend some time outside perhaps taking pictures... but whatever I'm
doing, just not being in front of this computer
*hang up the heap of clothes that has started forming next
to the clothes rack in the bedroom...

but first I must find some food...

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