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candy, rubber band ball

This morning when I walked in I noticed two peanut butter cups sitting on my desk. I had no idea where they came from and I forgot about them while I was doing other morning things. I didn't have much free time today. It wasn't terribly busy, just steady. Always something to move on to when I finished dong whatever I was doing. So I didn't add to the rubber band ball until just before I left for the day. I finally took a picture of it. Copy Editor Who Seems Interesting walked by my desk on his way out and stopped next to me. He looked over at the candy and said that he saw I got it. Apparently he left it because the conversation we had yesterday ended on such a down note. I told him that he's an odd one but that it's not a bad thing. He is, and it isn't.

My hands are cold.

I have Candy Cane green tea.
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