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I have not been feeling terribly writey lately. I'm still not actually but I know from previous experience that if I don't start putting things down I will kick myself later for having no memories from this time. I'll wonder what I did and not have a clue.

So. Let's see. Have new phone, same number, new provider. But I wrote about that.

Christmas was broken into several parts and was very nice. On Christmas Eve we had food and made ornaments at Barb & Harry's. My grandma came but left early cause she wasn't feeling well. Mostly Mary, Steve, and I made ornaments. Mikale helped with a few and Barb made a couple. Hers qwere creative and she used her supplies inventively.

When Steve and I got back to my house we decorated the tree and watched an old movie with my grandma.

Christmas day I went to my grandpa's and saw Donna and the kids for about 15 minutes before they left to go back to her parents' and then hung out with my dad mostly.

When we came back here there were presents left to wrap and then Mary, Tom, and Mikale arrived. We did presents and ate. Yay to both.

Monday Steve's parents didn't get in til more like evening. Steve and I had dinner at the Olive Garden where I happily ate too much. We met up with his family at Will & Terri's and did presents with them. We visited a bit more and then left. It was close to midnight when I finally got to bed.

This week has gone by quickly because Tuesday felt like Monday and before I knew it we were at Friday already and it just hasn't felt like it.

Things received:

  • an enlarger so I can get back to printing photos
  • darkroom supplies kit
  • a book (Legacy - Susan Kay)
  • tshirt
  • Hello Kitty Stamp
  • Hello Kitty Toilet Seat
  • Hello Kitty Night Light
  • HK Light plate
  • HK trash can
  • HK towel/washcloth set
  • card game (Man Bites Dog)
  • Pass The Pigs game
  • Lite Brite pen
  • Ornaments for Herb (whi didn't make it out this year cause he needs a new stand fashioned for him)
  • one of those neat wash cloths that comes all packed upa nd smooshed down into a little blocky shape and you sort of... reconstitute it in water
  • candy
  • desk calendar
  • bath bubbler massage mat
  • bath tub deepener (you put it over the overflow hole to squeeze out an extra few inches of water)
  • toaster oven
  • baby animal photo book
  • pajamas
  • $20
  • more candy
  • shower gel set
  • photo album
  • heaps of Lush (I'm not entirely sure I could remember all of that if I tried... but I will try anyway)
    • Pre Christmas "Honey It's Christmas" Set
    • "Merry Christmas" Set
    • Randy Buttercream
    • Heavenly Bodies Buttercream
    • Alkmaar soap
    • Snowcake soap
    • Rock Star soap
    • Buffy the Backside Slayer body conditioner
    • Ruby Red Slippers buble bar slice
    • Chocolate Whipstick lip balm
    • Honey Trap lip balm
    • maybe a bath bomb? or two? or another bubble bar slice?

  • travel bag
  • Hello Kitty messenger bag
  • Fraggles DVD
  • PacMan tshirt
  • lucky cat statue
  • table top tripod
  • fuzzy socks
  • hair sticks
  • hot chocolate
  • mini sticky roller
  • tide stain pen
  • book (The Devil in the White City - Erik Larson)
  • reading light
  • mini manicure set
  • HK body wash
  • HK lotion
  • more candy

I seriously have more Lush than I can keep track of any more. I need to stop buying and start bathing!

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