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drinking, aerosmith, king kong

The summary

Friday- too much drinking
Saturday- Aerosmith
Sunday- King Kong

Friday I was kind of mopey and sad from yet another fight and
misunderstanding. So when David called me saying he was getting people
together to go out and did I want to go, I almost said no. But that's the
thing I always tend to do to myself. Besides the fact that that's kind of
dumb to do, I had to figure, my chances of anyone wanting to hang out with
me are greatly improved if i actually go out once in a while and say yes
when the invitations come. Funny how that works.

So I went and drank with David and Leah. Leah is a nice girl and I decided I
like her. We share an appreciation for desks.

I carried my duct tape purse that Shelle made for me. It was well received
nad I got quite a few compliments. Yay!

We later went to Retro Rocks where we met up with Matt and Kevin. I drank
way more than I should have. Bleah. I talked to people though and that was
neat. I saw Lori in the bathroom and for whatever reason decided to talk to
her and let her know that I semi-stalk her online. Nice. I also talked to
some guy sporting a faux-hawk. His name was Travis. I saw Ryan and had a
long deep conversation with him that I wish I remembered more clearly. I do
know that I was incredibly focused at that point. Apparently he quite
captures my attention. That I'm quite charmed by him is no big secret
though. And anyway, who isn't? Fortunately, to the best of my knowlege, I
didn't say anything unintentionally insulting this time.

So yeah, the end of the night involved vomiting and that's never fun. Tummy
felt ick pretty much all of Saturday too.

Someone Matt knows had Aerosmith tickets that they wanted to get rid of and
Matt asked Steve if we'd be interested in them. So he bought them and we
went. Lenny Kravitz opened for them. It was a pretty good show overall. I
would have liked to hear some songs that I didn't but I don't feel too
disappointed cause this was my second time seeing them.

We sat in front of some guy who expected people in his direct line of view
to stay seated cause he wanted it that way. He was disappointed. Or rather,
he was pissed. And yelled at the people in front of him.

We stayed in Grand Rapids Saturday night and went to see King Kong on
Sunday. I didn't particularly want to see it. I kind of expected it to just
be big ape smashing junk. But I was pleasantly surprised to be very wrong.
It was really quite beautiful, nothing like what I expected, and i
thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend seeing it. Seriously. Go see it.

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