~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

snot, final photo stuff

Yesterday was the work holiday lunch thing. I went because Sarah went with
me and I, of course, require a babysitter. I like food. I also like free
food. Interestingly, the gravy was the same peculiar day-glo shade of yellow
that my snot has been most of the time this last week and some. Mmmmm.

And speaking of my snot- I have cough drops. I have strawberry and I have
some that are blue... I think they might even be called Ice Blue. They're
Halls... but that is not the important part. they seem to loosen sinus gook.
More than the regular kind. Every time I've had one I've ended up blowing
out large yellow globs of gook. Very satisfying. Try them if you have issues
that might require such a thing. I'd be interested to see if it worked for
anyone else too.

Ok done talking about my mucus.

Linda broke her arm Monday night so the final exams for both tests ended up
getting cancelled. I turned in my final b/w portfolio last night. The only
thing I got matted to submit for the show was my final digital project. This
is sad cause I had a ton of stuff from the b/w class that I loved even more
but I didn't end up having the chance to do anything with it. I needed to
mount my printed digital projects cause I knew if i didn't they would
probably end up crumpled and smooshed in my car. I'd like to have the
equipment for doing all that too. I bet it's expensive. I like the big press
they have. It's scary but works so well!

Stuff to do now.

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