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year in review - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
year in review
2005 In Review: First sentences from first posts of each month

January: So where I left off, we had just gotten prettied.

February: I'm such a baby.

March: It has been snowing.

April: It's early and I'm awake.

May: Friday: took in 2 rolls of film and larger versions of the posted digital pictures of Ray to Ritz.

June: I want to go to the bat festival!

July: The trip snuck up on me.

August: I'm itchy.

September: I am so tired!

October: I guess the mail bins are going to be delivered later now.

November: Last night Ray and I went to a haunted house.

December: Thing brought on by this morning's ballot box: I am annoyed that people use
the words ignorant and stupid as though they are the same word and you can
just pick one based on your whim!
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