~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

photo custody


So I helped someone with a project. 3 rolls of film were taken. One of his, one of mine, and one that we borrowed from the lab assistant.

He had some general ideas of direction that he wanted to go. As in, he let me know that he wanted some pictures of hands, feet, knees, etc. Sometimes I would set up and take the shots as tests with my digital and show them to him and he would usually say he wanted it and then sometimes I would just be snapping and I'd show him what I did afterward. Somtimes I did neither of those things. So... I took the pictures. 3 rolls of pictures that turned out beautifully. Beautifully as in they are easily some of my better work. Some of them I love very much.

However, since he claims he directed (I do have to disagree on this a little) and since it was his film, he wants 2 out of the three. Which makes me sad. Because I love them, I took them, and I had no problems letting him use them as his own work to turn in for class. But that doesn't mean he took them.

This is what I get for doing someone else's homework eh?

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