~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

tired, maybe sick, grandma

I am tired and I want to go back to bed. I've been tired for the last
several days. I've been wondering if I have been fighting off some sort of
sick. Last night sometime during the night my throat started to get a little
sore so I'm guessing so. I guess it's time to start drinking more water. It
hasn't really been too hard to drink more lately anyway. Along with the
recent tired has been lots of thirsty as well.

So my grandma has a blood clot. It's somewhere around her ovary. Something
leading to it anyway. Which explains her recent pain and discomfort and the
reason it was where it was. This is unusual for someone her age. When she
went to her abdominal doctor lady for something else it happenecd to be
right after she had been feeling so ick around thanksgiving and so the
doctor lady ordered a cat scan. This is apparently how they found it. Her
regular doctor started her on a blood thinner and she's going to have the
visiting nurses coming to give her injections and checking her blood for the
next few days. She's a pretty calm person (which is probably where I get it
really) and seems pretty ho hum about it all. I guess she's right that
there's not much she can do about it and being not ho hum wouldn't change
anyhting. I worry about her though.

I'm going to try to avoid getting her sick.

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