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tired, film, balm - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
tired, film, balm
Woke up mid dream today so it's been hard to wake up. My brain just feels
smushy. Actually part of that, I'm sure, is that I didn't go to bed as early
as I would have hoped to last night. I ended up working at the photo lab
until 9.

I have my film developed, contact sheets made (though only the write on
copy- I still need to make myself clean copies), and I made 3 prints. I
might have to aork on them a little more. Well on the one I like the
exposure just fine but I need to clean the negative and do it again because
I had a couple dust spots and what might be a water spot. I'll have to look
when I clean it next time. I think I'll go on Sunday and get more stuff
done. I need to so then I'll know I have it and then anything else I do will
be extra and if I slack a little it won't really matter. I like to have the

I like my Honey Trap lip balm but I think I want the Egg Snog. I may also
want the Chocolate Whipstick. Mmm more lip balm. Just what I need. Except
probably not really.
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