~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Things of LUSH that I love. Weedy, you created a monster.



180g  $5.15
Jasmine, ylang ylang, cypress and palmarosa
Honey Bee
180g  $4.85
Honey, toffee scent, aloe vera
Karma Bath Bomb
120g  $4.75
Karma signature scent
180g  $4.75
Lemon, mimosa, orange blossom, jasmine
90g  $3.55
Cocoa butter, vanilla, musk
Heavenly Bodies
200g  $14.70
100 g  $6.35
Turbo Bubble
100g  $5.25
Karma Bubble Bar
100g  $6.15
Karma signature scent!
Something Wicked This Way Comes
30g  $4.55
Sonic Death Monkey
500ml  $19.95
Chocolate orange, fresh lime, caribbean coffee
Karma Soap
100g  $6.85
Karma signature scent!
I Should Coco Soap
100g  $6.45
Creamed coconut, toning orange oil, spicy coriander
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
100g  $6.45
Toffee, honey water, aloe vera
17 Cherry Tree Lane
100g  $6.35
Floral sakura, mimosa, orange, and jasmine blossom
Flying Fox Balm
10g  $6.95
Silky Underwear
100g  $7.95
Big Shampoo
330ml  $16.95
For remarkable shine, substance and softness
American Cream
500ml  $19.95
Double strength conditioning cocktail
480ml  $14.95
Coconut for curly or processed hair
Godiva Shampoo
55g  $7.35
Shampoo and conditioner bar in one
Karma Komba
55g  $7.35
For fewer tangles
Irresistible Bliss
55g  $6.85
For everyone with hair (especially normal hair)
Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner)
30g  $7.25
100g  $9.45
Liquorice and charcoal cleansing soap bar

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