~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

early morning, what to do?

so I went out early to get my car warmed up and cleaned off. When I was out
there I noticed something orange in the driveway. Upon investigation, I
found that it was today's paper! Which made me feel even more like having to
work today was just silly. Most of what I do first thing (and the very
reason I have to come in as early as I do) is dealing with things that go
out in that day's paper. Since today's is already out, those things have
already been done and needn't be done by me.

So here I am, not quite knowing what to do with myself this early in the

It's weird. It's so empty here!I am one of... 4 people here so far.

I do have hot chocolate though. Well, warm chocolate anyway. It's good.

So lets see.
I got a lot of online shopping done yesterday. I bought some things for
Mikale, Steve, and my grandma. I also bought some ornament making kits so
that soon we can all get together and have an ornament making party. Perhaps
we can do this when we have our Post-Thanksgiving dinner. That would be a
pretty good time to do it actually.

I wonder how many people are not going to be here today. I'm guessing that
will become clearer around 8.

I think I will do some brainstorming on what to do for my final projects.

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