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last night

So ironically I didn't actually end up doing anything at all last night. Not out anywhere anyway. My grandma was feeling poorly and so I hung out with Mikale. We read 8 books and made a tent/house out of sheets and blankets and assorted other things in the living room. We used his stuffed animals and made "muffins" which then were made into muffin soup, muffin s'mores and muffin pie. I also had a reaction to something when I was down there on the floor and my lungs got all upset and mucusy/rattly and my eyes were watering and itching, my nose was running and I felt like I was itching under my skin. Nice. So I took lots of drugs and went to bed. Peachie got me up 4 different times to let her out and each time it took me a bit to fall back to sleep because I could hear myself breathing. Lungs are still acting up but otherwise I'm feeling alright.

G-ma is still feeling poorly and I think we might be skipping Thanksgiving junk. It was going to be at an uncle's that I don't know very well anyway so I wasn't too excited about going. I never like having to be around people I don't know in situations like those because they always want to ask me questions and I have to talk and I just don't want to. I'm hoping we can maybe do a post-thanksgiving dinner.

Right now I think I shall make myself something hot to drink and do some emailing.

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