~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

weekend stuff- shopping, night photos

I sat down here to write while I have a minute but now my brain isn't
spitting out any words. I'm tired. I got to bed later than I meant to and I
got up a little earlier thani meant to but it did mean I had enough time
this morning and that was good.

I was with Ray on Friday. We went out shopping. I found a super cute coat
and a sweater both on sale. The coat was marked down to $40 from $80 and
that was exciting! Ray bought things that he looks just fabulous in. My
grandma didn't realize i was coming back so she locked up and so I just went
to Steve's without my stuff and picked it up the next day.

Saturday was really beautiful out. It was warm and sunny. We walked down to
get coffee and bagels and then went to my house. I grabbed my cameras and
the rest of my stuff.

We went shopping for things to use on my night assignment. We bought some
black fabric for a backdrop, a black light, a strobe, and a big flashlight.
We took a bunch of pictures. I hope some of them turn out well. Tonight
we're going to try to get the outdoor ones done. I need star trails so I
hope that it might be clear enough for that. I also need some city night
shots and I don't know if I'll manage to get both. I might just try to get
the country ones on this roll and turn that in otmorrow and make sure I have
my city shots on a later roll. I have so much fun doing night photos and
light painting.

I bought a pair of shoes yesterday that I really wanted but had no reason to
get until I got my coat and now I can make a whole outfit work and that's

I have to leave for class in about 15 minutes. I have a lot to get done for
the digital class. I need to scan things today. I still need to locate a few
of the things i wanted to scan. We have to use the scanner as a camera and
make a collage with the results. Might be interesting. Might not. We shall
see. I haven't started ityet so i don't know.

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