~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

early morning

It didn't feel as wrong as it should have for me to be getting up at 4:44
am. According to my body it's still later though so I figure that's why.
Since I'm not going to be here on Friday I won't be able to make up my hour
then as I usually would so I decided to try to do it today. Peachie got up
and asked to go out right about the time I would have been getting up so
that helped. I didn't change my alarm or anyhting. I just figured that if I
managed to do it on my own, I must have gotten enough sleep and could handle
it. So I went to bed a bit after 9 and felt fine when 4:44 rolled around. I
kind of wish that I could just stay to the same real schedule year round.
Getting up and coming in at 6 when the clocks go back and at 7 when they go
forward so I could keep getting up at the same real time. Actulally if I
wanted to I *could* keep getting up at the same time. That way the change
forward in the spring wouldn't feel so awful and wrong. I'd have more time
in the morning through the winter when I'll really need it and I would
actually be able to take my time in the morning as I tend to want to do
anyway. I could even make coffee again! It would definitely have its
benefits. Will have to think it over.

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