~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

time change, halloween celebrations, maybe chicago

It's weird what a difference an hour makes. Last night I didn't really get
more sleep but it felt better because it felt like I got up an hour later.
Apparently my body prefers getting up at (what feels like) 7. The switch
back the other direction sucks a lot but the fall change is lovely.

Saturday I didn't hear from Aubrey about her party so we didn't get to go to
that, which was too bad because I would have liked that. So instead we went
to Bay City for a bit and then to Shooters. I was dressed as Mother Nature
and the costume turned out quite well. Hopefully I'll have a picture or two
that will do it justice. I wore soft green fabric in a robe/dress type thing
and had vines and leaves draped around me. I had a couple birds clipped to
me, more flowers and another bird clipped up in my hair, and I carried a
squirrel who I named Elliot. He's pretty cute.

Last night we got food and I managed to lose my phone at the restaurant.
That sucked. But We tracked it down and it was returned to me safe and
sound. I recently broke the zipper on the frint pocket of my purse and that
was my biggest worry after I did it. So I'm going to see if I can get it
fixed this week.

Next weekend it's possible I could go to Chicago. I'd be on my own quite a
bit because Steve's going there because he has something to do. But I think
it could be good for me. One of those exercises that would probably be scary
but beneficial. My grandma doesn't think that I should ask for a day or two
off though. And she always makes me doubt things. So now i don't know. I'll
ask Sarah when she gets here. That seems to be my answer for everything.

Now it's mail sorting time!

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