~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

class cancelled, assignments to finish, halloween

My class is cancelled today. A big yay to that cause I wasn't completely
finished with my assignment. So hopefully I'll get more today. I'll try to
get some night-ish shots as well... but before it's fully dark. i tried last
night and it was just too dark. It's quite gray today but hopefully not

I asked Sarah to pose for some black & white shots. I need to get a LOT more
of those. I should call people today and see what I can set up. I still need
group or couple shots. Really I'll take as many of each kind as i can but i
do need to at least make sure I have my minimum of each.

I also need to figure out a halloween costume. I know that if all else fails
I can recycle last year's but I really hoped I could come up with something
new. I had some ideas but nothing that can be pulled together as quickly as
i would have to. :(

If I had the means to do it I would be She-Ra! I need to start earlier next
year (that's what i said last year too though... and probably the year
before, and the year before...)

maybe once I have my area set up in Steve's basement I can more easily spend
time just playing with things and sewing. If i could spend more time during
the year just putting together costumes I'd have things ready when I need
to, plus have things to play with for pictures.

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