~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

itchy, picture stuff

I'm itchy. And sniffly. Might be my sweater. This leads me to believe that
the cabinet in the bathroom isn't necessarily going to always be a safe
place to keep stuff. It also makes me worry that the mold is going to eat my
house! (go ahead, now picture a giant mold monster. Actually, come to think
of it, when *I* picture a giant mold monster I picture something like that
little mascot from monster.com... amusing!)

So yesterday I had my midterm for my b/w class. That took a chunk of time.
After the test she gave us our new assignments and showed some photo
examples. We finished a few minutes early. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted
to make any pictures and I was hungry so I went to McDonalds with Nick and
talked with him instead before he had to head to class. Then I talked to
Luisa for a bit and Aaron (guess I was feeling chatty yesterday) and then
headed over to the Duplex to meet Steve and see what the done walls looked
like. I dig. Pretty nad pastel and I'll be sure to take pictures when
they're all done. We talked too and then I went home for food, shower, and
bed. All good things.

I look forward to doing my assignment but I wish we were going to have more
time with it. She wants us to be finished by Tuesday. A whole 4 days to do
it. Bleah. So I shall have to figure out people who will be willing subjects
for the second portion of the portrait work. She wants us to use mostly
natural light this time. 6 of a male, 6 of a female, 6 self portraits, 6 of
a group, 6 of a couple, and 6 our choice. But I think we have to do the self
portraits for sure and then choose 3 or 4 of the others? I don't know. I'm
probably just going to shoot for all of them and then I won't have to worry
about it.

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