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saturday: steve's brother's wedding, sunday: steve's birthday
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from an email...

now i gotta figure out where to start... hmm guess I'll just go through the whole weekend...
friday when i left here I went, put gas in my car, and drove to Steve's... I was feeling rushed, couldnt find my shoes, anything to wear... and i was all grumpy when I got there. but I figured that all out and we went to the church for the rehersal...everyone figured out what they'd be doing the next day and then we went to the restaurant for dinner... food. not the best, but I was nungry so it worked... Steve's mom asked me if I'd be able to take some pictures with my real camera the next day (something I told her she might have mentioned *before* I left my house) so Steve and I had to get my camera later... we talked to people a bit after the food was done... I looked jealously at Beth's (his sister) acrylic nails.. knowing full well that the one time I had gotten them done before I hated them. but I decided to try to get my nails done the next day. we finally left and came to my house to get the camera... I visited my kitty for a bit... I really hate leaving him for so long at a time... (side note on the kitty... I came home to find him still alright and perhaps looking a litle less swelled... but if he is... its so slight that I can't *really* be too sure... still good though... and my grandma stopped giving him the oil as often as I was (not sure *why* since I told her several time. dont stop giving it to him!) and so now he's having poo issues again)

we got a good amount of sleep and got up around 10 ish on saturday... I wanted to make sure to fet a shower in as early as possible cause I need drying time for my hair. so we got that out of the way and then went in search of the place to get my nails done. I went to the place I had gone to get them for prom... and directly afterward before the novelty wore off I was actually quite pleased... I really didnt end up not being pleasedfor any reason other than they wre just too long for me... so then we went and got food and went home to ready ourselves for the wedding. my outfit worked splendidly and Steve's dad even told me I looked spectacular (hmm think thats the word he used anyway) I ended up forgetting the extra batteries for the camera though *and* the extra cards so we had to call up ryan and ask him to bring them later (he was the DJ for them (which steve paid for as his present to them)) the ceremony was nice enough.. if you like that sort of thing, which I do not. but it was pretty, elegant and all that good stuff. lots of people came... mostly I hung out with Beths boyfriend when they all had to do wedding party stuff. but we did get to ride in the limo bus so that was good. we rode around a bit, stopping at the photographers studio for a bit to take some more pictures... otherwise we just rode around and drank champagne... then we got to the reception and had food. did quite a lot of dancing. well . I did a lot for me anyway. since for the most part I feel like a big dork trying to dance unless I'm really tipsy or unless it has specific steps (which is good for things like the hustle and the cha cha slide... not to mention a few other things that I just know steps for) Ryan did a good job and everyone was happy... Steve and I both got quite a lot of compliments on our dancing (which was neat) and we didn't succeed in doing much drinking there at the reception cause the drinks were pretty sadly weak (though ryan did manage to get one really strong one made for Steve (which I drank half of)) but it was alright we still had a good time. I danced once with steves dad and once with his mom. shes just so cute.

so afterward we got everything broken down pretty quickly (hmm ok maybe not "we" I did give my moral support though and Steve helped him) and then we went down to the bars in Old Town Saginaw (I must mention that by this time I had been wearing my heels since about 1:30 in the afternoon and it was somewhere a bit after midnight here in our story. my painfully evil 4" heels. I dont believe youve probably ever worn 4" heels for 11 hours but take my word for it. it really really sucks. and then when we got to the bars I was just standing. and standing. cause it was busy... so for the next hour and a half or so I was just in so much pain. (another side note. I really ended up mooching in on Steves birthday. it was weird... I didnt do it on purpose I just kept getting included in everything so it was like having one myself) and Ryan was buying Steve and I drinks so I was doing my best to dull said pain. yes. of course. thats why I was drinking. : \ well. no ok not really. anyway so by the time we ended up leaving I was doing pretty good. they make the drinks big and strong down in old town. yay to that. so yeah. eventually we did end up leaving... and we had two other girls with us that Ryan knew... Megan and Amy I think their names were... and we were on our way home and there were going to be people coming over and Ryan got a call from his friend Aaron and we ended up stopping at Deja Vu on the way. the parking lot is completely gravel rocks at the moment. and I had my shoes completely off at this point and I walked across the parkinlot barefoot with the Amy girl so we could go pee behind a truck. then I walked all the way back and then we crossed the parking lot a different direction to actually enter the building (keep in mind that we had to be a little far out just cause ryan was hauling the trailer full of DJ equipment) so yeah. more foot pain of a different kind. then I had to put the fucking shoes back on to go in. by this time we are probably on hour 13 of me wearing them. so yeah. we went in. sat down, I drank some water, and Ryan leaned over and asked me if there were any of the girls that I liked. and I told him that the girl who had just been on was nice cause I tend to prefer curvy girls who have a bit of breastfulness to them. then he asked me if I liked the black girl and I said yeah she's pretty (she was) and next thing I knew Steve and I are being led away by the pretty black girl back to a couch. shortly after that we left and finally made it home... Steve and I were just about to fall asleep and Ryan knocks on the door and Steve's like go away. *knockknockknock* and Steve said I love you Ryan but *go away*! to which Ryan responded. I'm comin in. and did. and sat on the bed next to me and talked to us for a good while after that. I really do like Ryan very much. we have quite a lot in common... well we're a lot alike in somes ways anyway...

so that was Saturday. finally got to sleep around 5:00 or 5:30.
slept in til 10 Steve had been up since 9:30 feeling like he was gonna be sick... we finally got ourselves together and went up to the store for osme gingerale for him and some crackers cause I was starving. then we stopped at the grocery store, went back to his house and changed and went to the new sister in law's parents house where everyone was gathered for breakfast. yay for breakfast. which was really just leftovers from the night before. but I certainly didn't care... I also had a muffin... that tasted like black licorice. with chocolate chips. it was so weird... then they opened presents for a billion years. and then Steve and I and his mom went to Meijer to pick up the pictures I had taken the day/night before. they turned out a whole lot better than I was expecting. the camera doesn't always want to cooperate with me. and since I havent yet managed to read through the manual enough to find out how to make it so you can focus it manually its all set to automatic. and it wont tqake the picture til it decided its focused. and so if the light isnt just right it wont focus right and then wont take. super annoying when theres something I really want to get...

I got to take the ones I wanted. so I took the ones that I thought tourned out the best from a photographic standpoint. I have a bunch of digitals to clear off too when I'm feeling ambitious
the whole time we were gone to meijer will and terri were opening all the cards that they had gotten.
all together they ended up getting more than $5200 plus another $600 in gift certificates. but weddings are so expensive.

after they got done with their cards and we passed aroudnt he pictures to everyone, Steve opened his presents and then a bit after that we left and went home to take a shower and to take his tux back tot he rental place... then we met his parents back at their hotel, went to bennigans to eat, then to the bookstore to kill some time before we went to see Matchstick Men. and his dad said we could both pick out a book and they would buy. for once I didnt know really what to even get. usually so many of my books from there come out of the new age/occult section. and steves parents being the nice catholic people that they are i decided to just skip that section this time and look elsewhere... so I just walked around and looked at stuff. and while looking for a book by soemone else (that I did not find) I came across the section of chuck palahniuk.went and got steve (who was also having trouble picking out something) and told him I had an author who might interest him. and so there we stopped. ended up with two of his books.then we went to see matchstick men.. I thought it was alright. not terrible not great. I just like movies though. and I tend to watch just about anything...

I finally got home last night a bit after 11.
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