~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

photo stuff mostly

I notice that sometimes I must just really be needing vocal interaction. I
find myself following people around trying to make them talk to me.

It doesn't tend to work though.

Yesterday I turned in 7 out of my 8 prints. She didn't care for the one of
Matt crawling out of the tv and said it was too contrasty. Which is sad,
cause I worked quite a while to get the level of contrast that I did. I
thought it gave it creepier feel. Wonder if there's a happy medium
somewhere that gets me the cntrast I want but still getting the definition
on the face and arm that she was looking for. Oh well.

Next Thursday we'll be getting a new assignment. I believe it will be night
exposures and light painting. Exciting but will be cold I'm sure. I really
shoudl try to get ahold of the guy from the cemetery to try to get the ok
and go ahead to do shots there at night. I need a signed note to avoid
getting kicked out of there by thr police. I talked to the guy once before
and he was reluctant to give me one. Everyone is too ready to sue these
days. I might try to go meet him in person this time. Maybe it will help for
him to actually meet me. I got a few beautiful and interesting shots for a
color light painting project and I think I could get some very cool things
in b/w.

There is a cute little pumpkin on my monitor next to my chickens.

I'm waiting for the mail to arrive.

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