~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

photo stuff, ray, hungry

Yesterday I turned in work for my digital class that I thought was not very
good at all. We had to create landscapes by converting photos to b/w, making
tesselations, and modifying them by adding and removing objects and other

I wasn't very excited by my landscapes to start... but i liked them much
much more after they were flipped. That was about where it stopped though.
Maybe later I'll post smaller versions of what I ended up turning in.
They're not so bad when they're a little smaller like that.

Today I have to have 3 prints ready to turn in. I have 8 so that's good. I'm
pleased with them. Those will be posted soon as well. I feel like I've been
overwhelming with photos again.

Last night I talked to Ray. I've missed him.

I'm hungry.

In about half an hour I can go home and make some food. Must hold out til
then, though I can hear muffins calling me from the basement.
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