~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

no sarah, achy joints, weight, hard drive in!

I'm Sarah-less. I never know what to do with myself when she's unexpectedly
gone. Not because I can't deal with this place alone, but because I'm used
to having her to talk to and it alters the flow of the morning!

Today is apple day. They seem to be having assorted healthy days here on
some thursdays. A couple weeks ago it was take-the-stairs day.

My knees and wrists ache. So sad. Not just because its uncomfortable but
because it means it's going to get cold. I knew it was supposed to but this
is just further proof. Stupid Michigan. Highs of 80s for a couple days
dropping to lows in the 40s or maybe 30s I'm hearing. Bleah!

I've had a couple people tell me lately that I've lost weight and I thought
yeah ok whatever, I don't really feel any different. But today my pants are
falling off. Which is both good and bad. Good for obvious reasons, and bad
because I like these pants! They were among the first items i bought when i
started here in February and didn't have anything to wear to work.

Last night I put in my new hard drive all by myself! I was so excited! I
didn't know what any of the instructions meant (and I still don't really)
but I took it apart anyway and looked at it. It wasn't really hard once I
saw what went where and compared the old to the new. So yay! Now I just have
to figure out what's up with my settings and try to get them set up the way
I want them (and try to save them somewhere I can find them again). I'm
still installing updates and other windows things and I think I'm missing
some drivers but I don't know what or where i'm supposed to get them. I jsut
know that I'm having trouble gettign ym display to cooperate the way I want
it to. Grr. But it's all moving along in the right direction. Yay!!

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