~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

picture stuff mostly

I guess the mail bins are going to be delivered later now. Normally this
would be fine. I just happened to be done with other stuff earlier than
usual. So I have a few minutes to write.

This weekend Steve and I accomplished house stuff. We found all the
flooring. This was one thing holding everything up so it's good to have that
done. Everything is getting measured today and tonight I think we're going
to buy paint. So once the paint is bought, it can be used, and once
everything is painted the floors can go down and that was most of what
needed doing right there. So yay!

Yesterday I went to Delta for open lab time. I didn't know if other people
would show up so I thought I might just end up developng the film I had
already taken. But people did show up and brought other people and things to
work with so I took pictures and then developed film. I still suck at
getting it ont he roll and it took me forever. But I had someone else
trapped inthere with me for company. He only had one roll and then had to
wait for me to finish with mine. I kept finding it lumpy or uneven and had
to unroll and reroll (over and over again). It was terribly frustrating!
When it was all done it didn't end up lumpy at all and from what I can tell
looking at the negatives, they look nice! i was pleased. I still have a roll
to finish. But I'm more than half-way through it. Today I should get the
opportunity to get that done. Then I can develop the last roll tomorrow.

OK enough picture blah blah blah :)

Oh wait. That's all I had!

Um.. lets see. Pumpkin is doing much better and just got a new flea collar.
She's so darn cute. I'm going to miss having her around when Steve (finally)
gets moved into his new place and she moves there with him.

Today is Darryl's birthday. He announced when it would be just about every
day last week (and maybe the week before!) but he said I'm the only one who
remembered and wished him a happy birthday this morning.

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