~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

more photo open lab time, developed film

I went for another 3 hours (and 15 minutes) yesterday. I think I'm up to 8.5
or maybe a little more. In the lab times I've been working omore on my own
stuff so I may go back today for a couple hours and work on some things for
class. yesterday we printed in class. I think I may have finally finished my
Navy guy. Who would have thought I'd end up printing so many different
copies of a random stranger on the street!

I'm tired today but I did get to sleep for the whole time I had. Peachie
must not have needed any middle-of-the-night pee breaks.

Yesterday and the day before I took a roll of film and then I developed it
myself yesterday during open lab. I was so excited that it turned out. It
took me forever to get it on the reel but I did! No bumps. It turned out
quite contrasty. I don't know if that was in my taking of the pictures or in
my development of the film. I'll have to ask Linda. I want to know how I can
do that on purpose. My contact sheet looks lovely. At least from a contrast
standpoint. They wanted to curl a little so they're not laying in superneat
rows. Worked well enough though cause they're all on there and aren't

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