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tired, peaches, class stuff

Sleepy! Peaches has been getting me up in the night again. So we were up at
1-ish, 3-ish, 4:30-ish and 5:20. She hasn't been getting her medicine
though. Not that I knew because my grandma told me or anything (grr). I
figured this out by counting the pills. Where there should have been 12,
there were 16. So instead of having a round of 17 days of antibiotics, she
had 7 days, then missed a day, then maybe 2 days (if she got them on Friday)
and then skipped 2 days and then started again today.

I would have given them to her, if g-ma had told me that she wasn't! I hope
they'll still do the trick. Otherwise I'll have to take her back to the vet
again. It would be easier if she could have a liquid. They're so much easier
to give. Those syringe dispensers kick a lot of ass.

Yesterday I had my digital class and I brought in the pictures i took last
wednesday. I don't even remember if i wrote about it. She paired us up and
assigned us to a place at Delta and we went to take as many interesting
photos as we could. I ended up with 150. Some of them I like quite a bit. So
yay! I have to do a chapter of reading which I will hopefully have time for.
I won't mind though. I like the book. The guy who wrote it is amusing.

Today in class she is going to explain filters and then we'll take the whole
class period to make as many good prints as possible. Depending on how much
I get done, I might stay after that for open lab time. It may take longer in
class because everyne will be doing it at once nad it will be crowded. The
open labs have so far been pretty quiet. That may change as we get further
into the semester.

I started taking my second roll of film yesterday. I also have some more
camera/photo junk coming this week. I ordered more school supplies, plus a
Holga and a couple rolls of film for it. I'm going to try to finish up my
roll within the next day or two so I can get to developing that (scary!). I
want to be careful witht he roll and not waste the film but at the same time
I want to have more pictures to work with! I have other B&W negatives but
they're from before this class so i don't really feel right usinghtem for
class. I will be doing enlargements of some of them though, because I want

The mail beckons.

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